Wednesday, September 4, 2019

My top 5 and bottom 2 looks for week 1 of college footbal season:

1) South Carolina at North Carolina

I absolutely love the South Carolina uniform template by Under Armour and believe it is by far the best that UA has to offer in all of football. Pair their all-white uniform with the North Carolina Tar Heels home Carolina Blue and this was an excellent match up on the eyes. 

2) Virginia at Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh finally dropped the Vegas Gold and Navy color scheme in 2019 and went back to the Game Royal and University Gold with a traditional style uniform set. The helmet is perfect with the blue facemask and the stripes on the legs pop. Pair this set with another semi-traditional look from the Virginia Cavaliers and you have a great traditional looking college football game. I only wish that Virginia would drop the ugly gray facemask and put their logo on both sides of the helmet. 

3) Miami at Florida

This was a beautiful game from with the Florida Gators wearing their traditional home uniform vs the Miami Hurricanes wearing their classic road uniform. 

4) UMass at Rutgers .

This ranking is most likely a shock to most people, but I love that Rutgers went back to a traditional looking uniform last year. The Scarlett Red helmet, the stripes on the jersey and pants make this damn near perfect uniform. The UMass Minutemen updated their uniform template this year and it is very basic but in a good way. There is uniformity in this simple design with the double stripes being on all major elements of the uniform (helmet, jersey, and pants). 

5) Miss. State at Louisiana

Monochrome is big deal these days in both college and pro football. I've liked the look for years when done right. By that I mean the uniform cannot be plain on all 3 major parts (like Oregon) and need detailed elements to highlight that there is not just one color from head to toe. For Louisiana, they accomplish this by using the stripes on all 3 major parts of the uniform. As for Miss. State, their uniform set is quickly becoming a favorite of mine. I love the stripe pattern and the uniformity of their entire set. 

Honorable Mention:
6) Boise State at Florida State
When the Seminoles first introduced their current uniform, I hated it as I was a drastic change from their traditional look. Over the last few years it has grown on me to the point of it being tolerable. But paired with the Boise State Broncos, I thought this match up popped. I love that the Broncos changed their facemask from white to blue for this game. I looked amazing with the bright blue pants.

1) Ole Miss at Memphis

I love the Ole Miss Rebels uniforms, but the Memphis Tigers uniform is an abomination and should be burnt and never worn again. That is way too much gray and the pants are about as bad as any in college football. If anything, put some tiger stripes on the sides.

2) Northern Iowa at Iowa State 

I loved the previous uniform set of the Iowa State Cyclones, but this new set is garbae. In this match up, they should never wear white pants with the helmet and jersey as there is nothing white anywhere on the uniform. As for Northern Iowa, purple and gold looks good together, but when you add black it doesn't work. 

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