Wednesday, February 23, 2022

USFL - Sports Aesthetics Members Grade the Logos & Uniforms

The members on the Sports Aesthetics FB page recently completed a survey to grade the logos and uniforms of the new USFL 2022 Teams. (Grades closer to 10.00, the better) 


1. New Orlearns Breakers 7.91

2. Tampa Bay Bandits 7.22
3. Birmingham Stallions 7.17
4. New Jersey Generals 6.93
5. Michigan Panthers 6.86
6. Philadelphia Stars 6.34
7. Houston Gamblers 6.11
8. Pittsburgh Maulers 4.99


1. Tampa Bay 7.80

2. New Orleans 7.66
3. Birmingham 7.10
4. Michigan 7.08
5. Houston 7.00
6. New Jersey 6.94
7. Philadelphia 6.75
8. Pittsburgh 6.63

Sunday, February 6, 2022

Washington Commanders - Sports Aesthetics Members Grade the Rebrand

The members on the Sports Aesthetics FB page recently completed a survey to grade the name, logos, and uniform parts of the new Washington Commanders rebrand. 

By combining all the categories together, the final grades for the rebrand is as follows: 

A - 7%

B - 19%

C - 22%

D - 22%

F - 30%

Thursday, February 3, 2022

Washington Commanders - Grading the Team Name, Logos, and Uniforms (Overall Grade: F)

When the Washington Redskins dropped their name in 2020, due to outrage among Native American Groups and NFL sponsors, they temporary became the Washington Football Team. They removed the old Redskins logo from the helmet and throughout the stadium and kept the existing uniforms, sans the stripes on the helmet while they went through a new branding process. 

Team Name:

On February 2, 2022, the branding process was finally over and after 19 months, the Washington Football Team announced they were now the Washington Commanders. Even though the fan base wanted the team to be either the Red Wolves or Wolves, but the team announced a month ago due to copyright and trademark infringement they could not use the name wolves. Yet, was Commanders still the best name they could have come up with? I believe Armada or Brigade would have at least been different and unique. 

Team Name Grade: B - I believe the new name could be better, but anything was better than Football Team and trust me, the name could have been much worse. 


With the new name announcement, the team unveiled their new logos and typeface: 

Main Logo: B - Once again, not the best logo, but it is simple, and you will identify the team immediately. 

Typeface: C - I wish they would have put the line above Commanders above Washington. 
Secondary Logo: F - I like that this logo shows the date the team was founded, the three stars either represents the DC flag or the number of Super Bowls the team has won. Update: It was just brought to my attention that the team added the wrong years to this logo for when they won a Super Bowl. 

1983 should be 1982
1988 should be 1987
1992 should be 1991

Logo Overall Grade: B


Burgundy Helmet: D - I like the new satin finish, the stripe, the logo. I hate the facemask as it should be gold like previous helmets. 

Black Helmet: F - I hate the black. I hate the numbers on the side of the helmet, the W on the front of the helmet, and no stripe. 

Helmets Overall Grade: D 


Burgundy Jersey: D - By far the best jersey of all 3 released, but is still far from stellar. I like the stripes on the sleeves and the number font is not bad, I dislike the Commanders name on the chest as it is too big, no TV Numbers is a big no-no for me. 

White Jersey: F - Awful design and no consistency with the burgundy jerseys as the numbers, sleeve stripe pattern are both different. The gradient numbers are a disaster (did management not now about the hate the Rams received from their gradient numbers?) The Washington typeface across the chest is small compared to the burgundy jersey that it makes it hard to make out. 

Black Jersey: F - Another different and awful design from the team. No sleeve stripes, a different number font, a stupid Commander patch on the front chest, secondary logo on one arm, the DC flag on the other arm. 

Jerseys Overall Grade: F - No consistency, no tv numbers, just a bad overall design. 


Pants Overall Grade: F - All the pants are the same color as the jerseys. The pants are all plain, with no stripes and awful. 


Socks Overall Grade: F All the socks are a solid and color as the jerseys and pants.

Overall Grade: F

Failure and they need to hit the reset button immediately. It is so bad, that they didn't even have a name last season, but their uniforms were still a Top 15 look. This new uniform will go immediately to the near bottom, second worst look in the league behind the Jaguars, maybe even in last place. 

  • No stripes on the pants
  • No consistency in the design between the Home, Road, and Alternative uniforms
  • No gold pants 
  • No gold facemask
  • No TV numbers
  • No striping pattern on the burgundy helmet to match the sleeve stripes of the burgundy jersey (the best part of the entire uniform set)
  • Adding BFBS, Black for Black Sake to a uniform color palette that DID NOT need black. 
  • Typeface different on all jerseys
  • Did I mention no stripes on the pants
  • Black helmet
  • Stupid W on black helmet
  • Players numbers on black helmet
  • Military style font on 2 of the 4 jerseys 
  • Gradient numbers on the white jersey
What does the community feel about the name, logo, and uniforms. Thankfully we completed a poll on the Facebook page asking about the name and to give it a Grade of A-F. Then we did a survey asking members to rate the logos and uniforms. The results are below

We asked the members to give a Grade of A - F on the Commanders name. With 292 votes, the grade was an F. 

We asked the members to rate each logo and uniform (out of 10.00) and here are the results: 

  1. Team Crest 5.62 
  2. Team Logo 5.48
  3. Typeface 5.10
  1. Burgundy 5.31
  2. White 4.04
  3. Black 3.35