Tuesday, July 25, 2023

NFL 2023 - New Uniforms, Throwbacks, and Updated Colors with Grades

During the 2023 NFL Offseason, several NFL teams have made changes to their aesthetics that will impact how the teams will look for the upcoming season. We knew two years ago that these changes were coming when the NFL finally revealed that teams could wear more than one helmet. However, the new alternate helmet may only appear on a specific uniform. 

In 2022, the Bears, Bengals, Cardinals, Commanders, Cowboys, Cowboys Color RushEagles, Falcons, Giants, Jets, Panthers, Patriots, Saints and Texans either released throwback uniforms or used a second (sometimes third) helmet during the season. Several teams including the Buccaneers, Seahawks, and Titans all hinted at releasing throwback uniforms, but due to shortages from Covid19, they decided to delay those uniform until the 2023 season. 

Fast forward to today and there have been several teams that have added new throwback uniforms, updated their team colors, and removed exisitng uniforms. For this review, I will be ranking these changes with an A-F grading scale. 


Arizona Cardinals: B

Simplicity is usually the best way to go with uniforms, especially after the Cardinals wore their last horrid set for the last 18 years with the bad stripes and piping. In 2023, they introduced new uniforms that I personally love. They could be perfect if the red jersey & pants had stripes and they used a red facemask on the white helmet. 

Buffalo Bills: There are rumors that the red helmet will be coming back. 

Carolina Panthers: B

The Panthers did not necessarily change uniforms, but they did change the blue color to match their original color as Nike was not able to provide that color in the past. Personally, I prefer the lighter, brighter blue. 

Cleveland Browns: A

The Browns introduced a new white helmet that will be paired with their 1946 throwback uniform. Overall, this is a fantastic uniform! If I could, I would change the pants stripes to match the helmet stripes, however, with how beautiful this is, I am good to go.

They will wear the uniform three times this season. Week 2 at Steelers, Week 6 vs 49ers, and Week 17 vs Jets. 

Denver Broncos: A for the Helmet, F for the Uniform - Overall C

The Broncos released a beautiful white helmet, but paired it with the Color Flush uniform. I wish they introduced white pants with matching stripes and this would've been a Hail Mary win, but they wanted to be like the Lions and Colts and introduce a bad design. With that being said, I believe they are testing the waters with the white helmet as rumor suggest they are changing uniforms next year. So it makes sense to get the fans reaction now. 

The Broncos will wear this uniform twice this season with dates to be announced.

Detroit Lions: A for the Helmet, F for the Uniform - Overall C

Come on Detroit! I believe the team is so used to losing that everything new they come out with is awful. First they introduced the original awful Color Rush set, then brought out plain white pants, and now in 2023, introduced a very nice looking alternate helmet. But the problem is they paired it with the awful Color Rush uniform. Like the Broncos, I believe they are testing the waters with the blue helmet as they are changing uniforms next year. So it makes sense to get the fans reaction now. 

The Lions will wear this combination Week 8 vs Raiders and Week 18 vs Vikings. 

Indianapolis Colts: D 

What in the world was the Colts thinking when they introduced us to a new alternate uniform? From the neck down, it is not bad, although I am not a fan of the feathered look on jersey and pants. But that helmet! Why? Why add a black helmet to the rotation when this would've looked a lot better with a blue helmet. However, what should I expect from a team that refuses to throw away the awful gray facemask. 

The Colts will wear this uniform in Week 7 vs Browns

Minnesota Vikings: B

The Vikings released a throwback uniform that is synonymous with the "Purple People Eaters" from their most successful era. I like the jersey and pants, but I do not like the matte helmet and the gray facemask (even though it is appropriate for that era). One thing I always hated about the Vikings old uniforms was the fact that the helmet was always 2-3 times more darker than the jersey. That is not the case for this throwback. If anything, they should have went with a gloss finished shell. 

They will wear the throwbacks in Week 1 vs Buccaneers

New York Jets: A

I am not a fan of the New York Jets at all, however, when it comes to their uniforms I try to stay unbiased. As far as their current set, I am not a fan of it, including the all-black they introduced last year. But for the new throwback uniforms they unveiled this year, it is definitely a Hail Mary for a Touchdown to win the game. 

The Jets will wear these beauties in Week 1 vs Bills and Week 4 vs Chiefs. 

Philadelphia Eagles: A 

The kelly green uniforms are returning this season! This is fantastic news as I personally don't care for the midnight green and especially the black uniforms. The only bad thing about this uniform is that it won't be wore full time. 

The Eagles will wear these beauties in Week 7 vs Dolphins & Week 12 vs Bills.

Pittsburgh Steelers: There are multiple rumors about uniforms and helmet. I've heard the yellow helmet throwback uniform was returning, but I've also heard the yellow helmet was returning to be worn on the color rush uniform. 

Seattle Seahawks: A

For the first time in 22 years, the Seahawks will wear the silver helmet, royal & green jersey, and silver pants. This is an all-time favorite look from most NFL fans. As for me, I loved the uniform that replaced this set, and I have tolerated the current template. However, I am happy to see the return of this classic. My only compliant is they are only wearing these once this season. 

The Seahawks will wear these beauties in Week 8 vs Browns.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers: A

For a uniform that is associated with losing, it has somehow become a cult classic that NFL fans have been begging to return to the field. Well, in 2023, those fans are going to be happy as the creamsickles will return. 

The Buccaneers will wear these in Week 6 vs Lions. 

Tennessee Titans: A

The Tennessee Titans have released their new throwback uniform that will honor the late Houston Oilers and brief Tennessee Oilers. This is an absolute beautiful uniform that should never have left the field of play. The only compliant about his is the placement of the oil rig on the helmet as it sits too far back, but that is because of the new helmet designs. 

The Titans will wear these Oilers uniforms in Week 8 vs Falcons, and Week 15 vs Texans.

With the arrival of the Oilers throwback uniform, the Titans will no longer wear the light blue jerseys as a third jersey. 

Thursday, July 13, 2023

Sports Aesthetics: Logo History, Current Wordmark, Color Palette of Professional and College Teams.

Over on our Facebook page, we have been releasing the logo history, current wordmark, and color palette for various teams from professional and college schools. Below are the ones we've released. Please note, we do not claim ownership to any team logo and the color palette's came from TruColor.

College Teams 

Columbia Lions - Ivy League

UCONN Huskies - Big East
Ferris State Bulldogs - GLIAC 
La Salle Explorers - Atlantic 10 
LSU Tigers - SEC
North Carolina Tar Heels - ACC
Oklahoma Sooners - BIG 12, soon to be SEC
UCLA Bruins - PAC 12, so to be Big 10

NFL Teams

Baltimore Ravens

Detroit Lions
Kansas City Chiefs
Miami Dolphins
Philadelphia Eagles
Washington Commanders

NBA Teams:

Denver Nuggets
NHL Teams:

Vegas Golden Knights