Monday, September 9, 2019

My top 4 and bottom looks from Week 2 of College Football (FBS)

My top 4 and bottom looks from Week 2 of College Football (FBS)


1) LSU at Texas
Even though I hate plain white pants worn in college and pro football, a few teams are an exception with Texas being one of them (Penn State the other), paired with the burnt orange jersey and you have a beautiful traditional look for the Longhorns. Then add one of the best uniform sets in the country to the mix and you have an outstanding match up. The gold from LSU pops against the orange of Texas and it made for a beautiful game.

2) West Virginia at Missouri
I wish Missouri had put stripes on the helmet to match the pants, but nevertheless, this uniform combination worked against West Virginia's classic away set.

3) California at Washington
Every since California unveiled their newest Under Armour uniforms, I've been in love with them. On paper I was worried that Washington would wear something stupid before this game, but they didn't and it turned out to be a beautiful game of Cal navy vs Washington Gold & Purple.

4) Tulane at Auburn
Stripes for the win!~
65) Western Michigan at Michigan State
Seriously what was Michigan State thinking when Nike introduced this uniform to them? Was the people in charge smoking crack? They are not Oregon and should not act like the Ducks and wear stupid uniforms.

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