Tuesday, October 25, 2022

NFL 2022 Week 7 Uniform Game Matchup Results

The Sports Aesthetics: A Uniforms and Logos Page holds a survey every Monday evening after the NFL games of the week have completed/started to ask members of the page to rate the uniform match up for the week. Members are asked to judge the uniform match up from a scale of 1 (bad) to 10 (great). The goal here is rank the uniforms on the field of play. Therefore, if you hate the Cowboys in general, we ask that members refrain from scoring the match up bad because of bias. Instead, look at both teams and rank the match up accordingly.

** Scoring: The closer a rating is to 10.00, the better the uniform matchup**
1. Steelers at Dolphins 9.24
2. Bears at Patriots 8.27
3. Chiefs at 49ers 7.67
4. Browns at Ravens 7.06
5. Packers at Commanders 6.86
6. Buccaneers at Panthers 6.84
7. Texans at Raiders 6.43
8. Giants at Jaguars 6.02
9. Seahawks at Chargers 5.84
10. Colts at Titans 5.45
11. Jets at Broncos 5.43
12. Lions at Cowboys 5.41
13. Falcons at Bengals 5.39
14. Saints at Cardinals 4.08
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